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Cost Effective Prescribing: Microdot+ Glucose Test System

Blood glucose test strips are second on the drugs budgets of CCGs after statins. Indeed, total spend on strips  grew by an astonishing 50% from 2008 to 2013 and a typical CCG will now be spending £0.4M per annum these items.

Microdot+ (www.microdot.biz) is a state of the art blood glucose test system, manufactured in Cambridgeshire by Cambridge Sensors Ltd (www.cs-limited.co.uk). It is already being used successfully by over 15000 insulin users in the UK.  Microdot+ is designed to make blood glucose testing easy for patients and healthcare professionals, as well as cost effective for commissioning bodies.


To order in the UK either (a) fax your order for Microdot+ products direct to Cambridge Sensors or (b) order from Alliance Healthcare Distribution, Phoenix Healthcare or AAH or (c) Call the helpline to order strips, sundries and replacement kits. If your order is received before 12:00am you should receive your order the following day. If you are a pharmacist you will be invoiced for the drug tariff price, less your relevant discounts from Alliance Healthcare Distribution phoenix or A.A.H. There is currently no charge for postage or packaging if you order direct from Cambridge Sensors on all free of charge items (starter kits and sundries) all other items will be charged postage and packaging on all orders under £30.

Features of the system include:
  • No calibration or coding.
  • Insulin data entry, 4 alarms to remind when to test, event marking
  • Unique telemedicine features allowing remote monitoring of high risk patients.
  • Free training and support for all DSN’s/healthcare professionals.

Cost Effective Prescribing: Microdot droplet pen needles

In order to help control costs further, Cambridge Sensors is now offering a range of high quality insulin pen needles for prescription, under the brand name “Microdot Droplet”, in the UK and Ireland. A typical CCG with an average of at least 5,000 insulin users will be spending over £300,000 on these items per year and the bill is growing at an average of 6% per annum.

Microdot Droplet pen needles are made to our specifications in the EU by major ISO compliant manufacturer, are designed to make insulin injection as pain free as possible, and have a highly engineered tip that reduces pain and improves compliance.

The average CCG will save almost 50%% of the cost of insulin pen needles, a recurrent saving of over £150,000 on an average spend.

Due to their comfort, extra sharpness and thin wall, the microdot droplets are designed to make insulin injection as PAIN FREE as possible. The Microdot Droplet pen needles are compatible with all UK insulin pens.

Cambridge Sensors is already working closely with many CCGs and commissioning bodies to control costs.

Pricing - 28/02/14       PIP codes
4mm (32G) Microdot droplet pen needle x100   £6.65   384-6177
6mm (31G) Microdot droplet pen needle x100   £6.65   373-9471
8mm (31G) Microdot droplet pen needles x100   £6.65   373-9489

Cost Effective Prescribing: Microdot droplet pen needles

EU sharps Directive 2010/32/EU requires all member states, and employers in these states, to take appropriate steps to protect healthcare workers from needle stick injuries. Medisafe Solo safety lancets, from Microdot, eliminate the danger of accidental injury from infected needles. They allow healthcare professionals in multi-patient settings such as care homes, surgeries, hospitals and outpatient clinics to safely and quickly obtain patient blood samples without risk of contamination or needle stick injury.
  • Fully retractable. After use the needle automatically retracts into the plastic body of the lancet.
  • Safe, sterile, single use and fully disposable.
  • Additional self-activation mechanism prevents re-use
  • Patient friendly: ultra sharp, silicon coasted, thin needle (29g) means minimum patient pain.
  • Easy to use intuitive 2 step operation.
  • Free training, support and backup.
  • Available on prescription (FP 10)
  • EU manufactured to ISO standards, CE and MHRA marked.

Product, boxes of 200
2013 drug tariff price, box of 200.
Price Premium over Medisafe Solo % Saving if using Medisafe Solo from Microdot
Unistik 3 Normal (23g) £12.20 £1.45 12%
Unistik 3 Comfort (28g) £12.20 £1.45 12%
Medisafe Solo (29g) £10.75 0 Average saving 12%

- UK only

To obtain Medisafe Solo lancets x200 please contact our helpline on: 01480 482920.
Microdot Kit