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Patient support:

For replacement batteries, control solutions, log books or lancing devices please contact us (via the contact page or helpline number). If you require a starter kit (including meter, Strips, lancing device) please ring our helpline 01480 482920, as this is a local rate number we do offer a call back service. We operate free meter for life scheme so please fill out the warranty card with your details this can be found in your Microdot+ starter kit box or you can do it via the contact page.

Microdot+ strip and control use

Please be aware that the vial of strips must be closed after every use to prevent contamination (thus resulting in false readings). Once opened strips will last for six months providing they are sealed after every use. If your strips are consistently reading outside of the ideal control range (this can be found on the strip vial) please contact us for replacement and we will exchange them. Control solution is only accurate for three months after opening but replacement solution is available free of charge from CSL via our helpline or contact page.

Software Download System:

By using the software programme you can keep an eye on your blood glucose readings by charting graphs and lists of your readings and insulin data (all these automaticaly save the time and date) The download cable is avaliable from CSL (01480 482920) for £14.99 and the software is free of charge please find on the download page or we can send you it by CD when you order your cable. 

For more information or help setting up the software system please contact CSL (01480 482920) or via the contact page. The software should take you through the set up system when downloaded.

Display Messages and Problem Solving

The following is a summary of some error messages. These messages help to identify certain problems but do not appear in all cases when a problem has occurred. Improper use may cause an inaccurate result without producing an error message or a symbol. In the event of a problem, refer to the information under ACTION. Please consult the user manual for a list of all messages and symbols.

blood sugar monitor
blood sugar monitor
blood sugar monitor


When ordering please do not forget to request and/or download the VAT exemption form. Postage and packaging is free of charge on all orders over £30:00 normal postage and packaging is standard UK franking charge.

Please note replacement batteries, control solutions, and lancing device/finger sticker are all free of charge and no postal charges will be applied.

"If the message reads Hi or Lo, recheck your sugar level and if it is still the same, call your doctor immediatley and/ or treat according to the recommendations of your healthcare professional"

"E-1, E-2, E-3 and E-5 messages indicate that there is an error. Please check the table or user manual for the correct action to take"

"The flashing strip indicates you must repeat the test  with a new test strip"