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Questions frequently asked by DSNs about Microdot+

Q  How do I get the test strips?

A  Please write your prescription for Microdot+ Test strips (don’t forget the plus sign). PIP CODE 3517695

Q  How do I prescribe the lancets?

A  Microdot Lancets (please note there is NO plus sign for lancets) PIP CODE 359-7762

Q How do I get the meters?

A These are provided free by Cambridge Sensors Ltd. Helpline: UK 01480-482920
RIO 1850 211896

Q Can my local pharmacy get the test strips?

A Yes, they are sold as a stock item by all major UK pharmaceutical wholesalers including AAH, Alliance/Boots/Unichem & Phoenix (UK). They can also be ordered direct from Cambridge Sensors Ltd by faxing the order through to 01480-482921

Q How do I or my patients get additional batteries, log books, control solutions or lancing devices?

A These are provided free by Cambridge Sensors Ltd. Helpline: UK 01480-482920
ROI 1850 211896

Q How long do the strips and control solutions last?

A  All strips and starter kits you receive to your surgery will have at least 18 months left on the shelf life, if you come across anything with a short shelf life please let us know and we will replace it free of charge.

Please be aware that the vial of strips must be closed after every use to prevent contamination (thus resulting in false readings). Once opened strips will last for six months providing they are sealed after every use. If your strips are consistently reading outside of the ideal control range (this can be found on the strip vial) please contact us for replacement and we will exchange them. Control solution is only accurate for three months after opening but replacement solution is available free of charge from CSL via our helpline or contact page.

Q How do I prescribe microdot droplet pen needles?

A  Write your prescription (size) microdot droplet pen needles. PIP CODES-

4mm – 384-6177
6mm – 373-9471
8mm – 373-9489

Q How do I obtain medisafe solo lancets

A  Please contact our helpline, where we can arrange for shipment


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