diabetes monitor


• No coding or code chips: Therefore teaching patients is very simple and saves a lot of time.

• Patient safety: There are no maltose interference problems with Microdot+ unlike many other systems, Microdot+ can therefore be used with dialysis patients or those undergoing IV therapy.

• Healthcare Professional safety: Microdot+ has a strip eject button so there is no need to handle patient blood.

• Ease of Training: Microdot+ has a fill window so that the patient can see the blood filling the strip; in addition the blood can be applied from the top as well as the side, thus you do not have to be so fastidious in getting the patient to apply blood from the side.

• Advanced features to help compliance: Microdot+ has many advanced features including a large easy to read display; small blood sample required (0.06µ); fill check (so a result is only given if enough blood is applied); 4 settable alarms and a buzzer.

• Money: The CCG saves on each prescription written for Microdot+ in comparison to other brands. Blood glucose test strips are one of the largest items on the CCG budget and these savings can be used to maintain other important services in the CCG, especially regarding the stringent cost constraints over the next several years.

ISO Standard/Evidence of accuracy See Freckmann et al. J. Of Diabetes scince and technology. Vol 6, issue 5, Sept 2012 third party, peer reviewed paper showing that Microdot+ meets the new ISO 15197:2013

Accuracy requirement

Assay Method NAD dependent glucose dehydrogenase method.
Mmol/l  range 1.1 to 29.2mmol/L
Can the meter be adjusted to measure in another unit (i.e. not mmol/l) No
Set-up required (e.g. dates, time etc) Meter Pre set and ready to use. No set up needed
Coding required No coding or chip insertion required
Sample size Required 0.6 microliter of glucose
Blood Under fill detection on meter No result given if strip underfilled.
Measurement time 10 seconds
Insulin Data entry Insulin type, dosage and time of injection can all be recorded.
Display size 41mm x 38mm
Font Size 17mm (font 76 size approx.)
Memory Capacity 500 results also stores insulin results. In excess of 100K if attached to PC.
Is the memory deletable? No
Can the meter do averages? Meter provides a 14 day average result
Weight of meter 58 grams (including battery)
Device Size H-80mm W-64mm D-15mm
Operating temperature 10-40⁰C
Haematocrit 25-55%
Device storage requirements Device can be stored at any temperature but should be brought into operating temperature before use.
Compatible Strip Name Microdot+ test strips (only)
Cost of Strips (50) in National Drug tariff £9.99
Strip Storage Requirements Dry cool place between 10-30⁰C
Strip expiry 6months after opening
Ability to flag control results Yes
Alternate site testing Yes, UK clinical trial
Alarm reminders 4 alarm reminders
Are the batteries free or rechargeable? Free of charge

Lasts for 1,500 tests equivalent to 1 year at 3 tests per day.
How much does replacement Control solution cost and batteries? Free of charge
Is the device free for NHS organisations? Yes
PC Download available Yes for both professional and home use.
Ability to self-eject strip Yes, ejection button
Hypoglycaemia warning Hypoglycaemia warning if blood glucose level dropping a more than 1.6mmol/L per hour.
Meal and event marking Yes, results can be marked for pre and post meal and events.
Patient helpline details (e.g. multiple languages, opening times?) 9-5 Monday to Friday helpline, 24 hour internet service.
Educational Material details (e.g. multiple languages, braille etc) Instructions available in multiple languages(e.g. English, Polish, Hindu, Urdu, Sanskrit, German, Dutch, Czech, Arabic)
Talking meter No speaking, however meter beeps, when blood is correctly applied.

Microdot Kit