diabetes blood sugar level monitor

We are proud to state the Microdot+ BGM is the only
BG system manufactured within the UK!

diabetes - monitor your own blood sugar levels


Microdot+ meets ISO 15197:2013

Fast, accurate and easy way to monitor your diabetes

Monitoring your type 1 or type 2 diabetes is easy with the Microdot+ Blood Glucose monitoring system. The Microdot+ meter requires no coding or calibration, with time and date already entered into the meter. Its low blood requirement (0.6 µl) combined with its advanced features (for example computer download system) allows you to monitor your blood sugar wherever and whenever you want. Microdot+ test strips are available from all UK pharmacies (PIP CODE 3517-695).

Please contact our helpline for assistance and to obtain the computer download system/cable.


Cambridge Sensors Ltd also offers other diabetes products!

Microdot droplet pen needles (for all insulin pens) EU manufactured, priced almost 50% cheaper than the market leader. These are available in sizes 4mm, 6mm and 8mm.

Medisafe solo lancets, single use safety lancets, for protection against needle stick injures in a multi-patient environment, such as: surgeries, hospitals and care homes. On average these are 12% cheaper then leading brands.  


Please see our prescribing pages for more information

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